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You don’t want to spend hours and hours working on the most difficult questions if you are aiming for an intermediate or easy course in Maths. The textbook tends to go a bit beyond what is expected for the exam, which is good because it builds confidence. But if Maths is not your favorite subject, and you are getting closer to your exam, you will be better off working on questions resembling “The Real Thing”.

Take the IB as an example :

There are basically 3 levels:

Math Studies (Standard Level),

Math Methods (Standard Level),

Maths High Level (and, of course, Further Maths for the real devotees).


A student who was preparing for Math Methods felt that there was no point in even trying because the questions were so difficult. Do you have the same feeling? Don’t worry. Believe it or not, but the IB actually wants you to do well. And this student did!

On High Level, some of the questions can be really tricky. On Standard level, they first of all want to test your basic skills, no booby traps or hidden hurdles. It is almost as if they are holding you by the hand leading you, by question a, b, c etc., towards the final question that the whole exercise is aimed at. Each question in itself is not very difficult, and if you follow their lead, it is actually very straight forward. But it is of the utmost importance that your teacher takes this into consideration when guiding you. You need to be able to see how easy it can be done, not getting into the nitty gritty details of a complete proof. They don’t ask for that! So if you are struggling, give us a few hours of your time and we will show you how to master it.


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