Are you not getting the grade you need?

Or not even the grade you deserve?

Are chemical substances dangerous? Before answering that, you may want to divide substances into “chemical” and “non-chemical”. Not so easy? Especially the last category?

To make it more interesting, ToppTutor offers a reward of HK$ 1000 to the first who can come up with an example of a non-chemical substance.

Returning to chemical substances: It is difficult to get very far without understanding the concept of the MOL. Most students find this concept very difficult, but it is an essential concept for understanding qualitative considerations in Chemistry. If you still haven’t grasped it, don’t despair! We promise to get you well on the way of being able to work effortlessly on mol calculations after 2 lessons! Guaranteed! Let us show you how fun Chemistry really is, and how much easier it gets after just a few sessions. Would you like to meet a teacher with a Major in Nuclear Chemistry and 30 years teaching experience?


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