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IB HL Maths

Thinking about taking IB HL maths? If you are a maths genius, no worries. If you are simply good, you had better prepare for the freight train that will hit you. It is tough! We can help you to make the transition from IGCSE a LOT easier.

High level maths is tough. Really tough! Large parts of the syllabus are actually university level, so students struggling should think again about changing to standard level maths. Great course, even for those who plan on studying math related topics like engineering. But if applying to universities that require HL, let’s get to it!

It is no wonder that some students get lost when diving into complex numbers, planes in space, differential equations etc., so it is important to get some help as soon as possible. 

We try to get our students into better working routines:

1: Write down the question.

2: Complete each line of working.

3: Start the next one immediately underneath.

4: Include side calculations next to where you need it, don’t spread it all over the place.

5: Underline or highlight intermediate answers that may be needed later…….

The effect of good working routines in problem solving is amazing! It can mean the difference from a 7 to a 4! Or vice versa.

Questions? Find some answers on our FAQ page or get in touch today!

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