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Improve grades with qualified tutors

Experienced teachers in Maths, Science or other core subjects

Whether it's maths, science, or other core subjects, our experienced teachers can help you work smarter not harder and reach your goals!

Our private tutors are passionate about sharing knowledge, and provide a nurturing learning environment through focused on one-on-one assistance from experienced tutors. Supporting GCSE, IGCSE, A-level, IB MYP & Diploma, HKDSE.



Our tutor central can help with a variety of subjects including maths, science, biology and more

We CARE about the student, so we dig until we find the problem.

We CARE about the parents, so we sit down and talk to them.

We CARE about results, so we work on “silly mistakes”.

We CARE, so we look for “black holes” that need to be filled.

We CARE, so we don’t waste time on things the student already knows.

We CARE, so we take time to bring it all together for the student to see.

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Why Choose ToppTutor?

Our experienced teachers are trained and certified in the subjects that they teach.


We are personal. Our students are not just names on a list. We don’t talk TO them, we talk WITH them. We learn to know them. Their strengths. Their weaknesses. Our private tutors adjust to the student’s personality, not the other way around. We like the parents to come by from time to time making sure we are on the same page, in addition to the monthly update.


We listen to the students' concerns before we teach. The most important thing is to find out which areas they are struggling with and, equally important, where their strengths are.


We understand that the costs involved is an important concern when deciding which tutoring agency to choose. This is why we keep our price level below most of our tutoring competitors


We have the best tutors in Hong Kong, but if you don’t agree after the first session: NO CHARGE!

If you're planning to apply to college and need some help, ToppTutor offers a College Application Support. Our private tutors can guide you through the college application process, offering valuable insights and assistance to help you stand out from the competition.

What Do Our Clients Say?        


Rebecca Terner 

“Thank you very much for rescuing our daughter! With just three weeks of tutoring she was able to pass her final exam well above the average! We all very much appreciate how much you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! And she enjoyed every lesson. Thank you for reminding her of why she loves math!”

What Do Our Clients Say?        


Dylan Pilling 

“I helped organize a tutoring section for students in my school with ToppTutor not long ago, and it was the best 4 hours i have spent doing mathematics. The tutor was fantastic, explained things in a totally different way, and made understanding the subject so much simpler than any of my other teachers. I would highly recommend using Topp Tutor for mathematics, and any other subject you may need help in. A breath of fresh air for students, and a fantastic help for anyone taking exams. 11 points out of 10!!”

What Do Our Clients Say?        

What Do Our Clients Say?        


Tatiana Reiter

Just finished IB Math SL today and even though I don’t know my grade yet, I can see how much I’ve improved because of this organization. Problems that I previously wouldn’t even have attempted seemed possible during my exam because of how I’ve learned how to think differently with only 6 lessons with ToppTutor. That’s what is great about this type of tutoring, you don’t simply lear to solve the problem, you learn how to think. Best of luck to all of those who are taking exams soon

What Do Our Clients Say?        



I would like to send my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your help in tutoring Jasmine this past year.  She regularly exclaims that “Sven made me like maths!” After 13 years of schooling and many different tutors!  This to us is priceless and you definitely have a gift.  Jasmine can be a tough cookie at times ;)I will definitely be keeping in contact, as my second daughter will begin her iGSCEs after summer and we will be calling on your expertise once more!

Yolande, Mother of Jasmin from West Island School

She really enjoys learning with you.

Jo, Mother of student from West Island School

Thanks so much for all the help and encouragement you gave Eamonn . Finally got rid of the silly mistakes . 

Much appreciated . The lad’s results were all great . 

Will pass on your details to anyone looking for tutors next term Many thanks.

Andy, Father of student from West Island school

Thank you again for all your support with Emilie. It really helped her survive her IB experience and reconcile with Maths


Hii Sven, just wanted to thank you for teaching us math these two years!! You’ve drastically improved my grades and understanding of mathematical concepts  Couldn’t have done it without u! 

Mother of student from German Swiss Int School


He is really enjoying his maths with you 

Mother of student from West Island school

Thank you for all your invaluable help with Ossie. You have given him a lot of confidence. We are sure your help has improved Ossie’s understanding of Maths, as well as his ability to deal with the exam paper.


He seems quite excited about the maths now .

Hope his teacher understands it !

Thanks for helping us again.


Couldn’t have done it without you ! I would’ve literally failed if it weren’t for your help

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